Freedom to Wander Freedom from Worry

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We believe everyone regardless of ability, should be free to wander with wonder, explore new places, meet new people and make new memories with confidence.

Built by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, Wise Blue Yonder is a destination and a growing community for travelers with limited mobility and those who are lucky enough to travel with them.

Wise Blue Yonder brings people together to share, ask, support and advise each other — a group filled with wonder and ready to wander.

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Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to experience the wonder that awaits in the world. We are gathering intelligence, vetting destinations and helping people plan travel that is optimized for them and their travel companions. And ready to wander.

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We combine your wisdom with ours to make the world a better travel space for those with limited mobility and unique accessibility needs. Make our community wiser — submit photos, tips and recommendations from your recent travel experiences. Send to or click the button below!

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“We don’t need to know exactly where we’re
going to be headed in the right direction”

-Jen Roth