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We provide travel solutions for senior travelers and travelers with limited mobility.

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At Wise Blue Yonder, it is our mission to provide fully curated travel experiences designed for people of all abilities. Whether you are a senior traveler with mobility challenges, or a person navigating a disability, we are here to help you design your perfect trip.

Travel your world with wonder

Dare to dream about your next adventure. Wise Blue Yonder’s tools, resources, and services are uniquely designed to help make travel possible for people with limited mobility. As we grow, we will expand our services to support traveling with additional disabilities.

Travel Resource Center ($2.95 per month) Enjoy exclusive access to:
  • 3 fully vetted downloadable itineraries to help you plan worry-free travel to help you plan your trips with confidence
    • Barcelona: 7 days
    • Paris: 7 days
    • South African Safari: 4 day safari + 3 days in Capetown
  • 1 new itinerary per month
  • Travel overviews: know exactly what to expect based on our fully vetted travel experiences
  • Special offers from sponsors and partners when available
  • Vetted recommendations for hotels, guides, attractions, restaurants and more

Wise Blue Yonder Travel Club


Join our community and share your travel stories to make the world a better travel space for those with limited mobility and unique accessibility needs.

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Make Travel Possible

If you believe in making travel with limited mobility a more attainable reality, support our community (and get cool prizes). 

  • $50 – Travel journal + sticker
  • $100 – Tumbler
  • $250 – Umbrella
  • $500 – Premium tote

PLUS receive a free subscription to the Travel Resource Center for each year that you donate!

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About the Founder

Hello! I am Jen Roth, founder of Wise Blue Yonder. At age 9, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) and 8 joint replacements and 14+ surgeries later, I have learned to embrace my arthritis as a superpower. It is this gift that fuels the vision for Wise Blue Yonder.

We’re here to help you travel with confidence.

Live well, love well, travel well,

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